Spatial Perception for
Virtual/Mixed reality, Drones, Robotic and VFX.

We create breakthrough technologies that give computers and smartphone human level understanding of visual world.


At Dimension NXG we are creating world class Spatial Perception technology. We are a funded IIT Bombay startup focused primarily on developing IP lead technology.
Technologies like Drones, Robotics, Mixed Reality and Virtual reality are growing at a very rapid rate. But one of the main bottlenecks to the growth of this technology is Spatial perception. All of these technologies need a VERY strong understanding of the environment to utilize their full potential. We are solving these core problem, we want to give human level understating of the environment to digital cameras.
We want to be the core technology behind all the cameras where environment understanding is required. We aim to be the industry leaders in Spatial perception.

Positional Tracking for VR

Walk, Run, Move, Bend, experience immersive VR using just your Mobile VR headset.


Markerless tracking for VFX

Live augmented reality tech for film using realtime camera tracking, cut post-production time & cost drastically.


Drones, Robotics, etc.

Create awesome products by giving them world class vision (Yes 3D vision)!



Walk, Run, Move, Bend, experience immersive Mobile VR just using NXG SDK

Mobile based VR Headset gives you only head tracking, and not positional tracking. Positional tracking is important because it allows you to physically move around in a virtual world. Without it, you can look around (typically tracked by the headset’s sensors), but motion isn’t tracked — so you can’t walk, jump, or dodge, for example.
At NXG, we are die hard passionate about VR and we thought this was a big issue holding back this technology. So over the past 1.5 years we got together world class experts in VR, AI and Computer vision to solve this.

We have developed an SDK that uses the phone camera to track the persons movement and lets you create the immersive VR experiences, games,etc as you always wanted.

This will drastically transform the kind of mobile VR games we will experience in the coming days.

Just almost everyone who experienced it at out office.

Tracking and Reconstruction

Computer vision dependent industries such as VR, AR, MR, Driverless cars, 3D Scanning, Robotics, etc are developing at a very high rate, but Spatial Perception is becoming a bottleneck for its rapid growth. At NXG, we are solving the core problem of Spatial Perception i.e Tracking and Reconstruction on both software and hardware level. Creating a world class world sensing device.
Our algorithm is currently beating the industry leader by 10X in their own developed hardware.


Due to our robust tracking, the device doesn’t lose track even if you move it very fast. The device knows exactly where and how it is in the world at all times.


Our technology works both on CPU and GPU. Currently we use half the processing power than the industry leader for the same spatial perception.


Our technology reconstructs even the smallest of geometry from the real world, making it ideal for 3D Scanning and VFX.


We are developing smart technology that mimics the human brain. The AI in the algorithm doesn’t just decrease computing but also increases its speed and robustness.


Our technology does tracking & reconstruction realtime. It processes the data at about 500 – 1000 FPS making it ideal for technologies like MR and VR.


We are passionate about giving computers human level understanding of the world and objects using ML and AI. The technology can understand chairs, people, electronics, etc, like humans do.



We admire those who look past their limitations and imagine new possibilities and stand in opposition to the world today to create a better tomorrow. We are a startup driven by passion and are looking for people who want to make a difference in the world.
Building breakthrough technology requires a strong integration from various industries varying from mechanical to vision, from visionaries to artist.
Pankaj Raut
Pankaj Raut
Setup 1 of Europe's best 3D Scanning system • Developed MR @MIT-MediaLab• Worked at @iMakr • Study @ London Southbank university
Japan   Vyas
Japan Vyas
Currently the Managing Partner at “Sixth Sense Ventures” and has been investing in consumer centric businesses in India.
Abhijit Patil
Abhijit Patil
IIT- B alumnus • National Level GYTI award winner • Hardware Engineer @ MIT Medialabs • Developed India's 1st 3D Printed transplant.
Ajay Ramasubramaniam
Ajay Ramasubramaniam
Currently director of Zone Startups India. Ajay has considerable international business experience, having worked with the Provincial Government of Ontario, Canada and managing a satellite office in Mumbai for 5 yrs, during which he has helped over 100 Ontarian companies develop their business in India.
Abhishek Tomar
Abhishek Tomar
15+ Years in MR,AR, VFX, ML and AI • Previously Technical Director at Redchillies • Developed IP for Real time AR, MR, etc algorithm for Bollywood • Won 3+ awards in Bollywood.
Gaurav Godbole
Gaurav Godbole
Previously Application of Neural networks in Finance • Previously Finance manager at Food Corporation of India, ICICI Prudential • Published 5 Research papers in finance.


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