NXG was born out of passion to evolve the most powerful tool that humans have “the computer” to a new dimension where the digital and real world seamlessly integrate. Opening up possibilities of mastering skills instantly, holographic teleportation, x-ray vision, clairvoyance and many more. We believe this has the power to transform industries like healthcare, Education, construction, etc.

Meet AjnaLens, our first step towards this vision.

AjnaLens enhance human capabilities in the workplace and beyond.
AjnaLens at workplace:
  • Data Visualization
    • Provide your team real-time AR instructions, important information and situational data (pressure, temperature, flow direction, voltage,  etc) directly in their field of view to improve efficiency, by reducing the amount of movement and the need for a centralized location.
  • Guided Work Instructions
    • Assign your workforce with intuitive augmented instructions on the job so they’ll understand processes quickly, spend less time on each step, and make fewer errors.
  • Remote Expert
    • Power your experts to remotely assist workers, by enabling them to see their colleague’s point of view and provide AR instructions overlayed over real world . Both the expert and the onsite team member will be able to address issues and concerns quickly.
  • Improve maintenance and monitoring
    • Create a safer environment for your team by giving them the ability to visualize, passively record, and automatically analyze threats in the real world environment by using builtin AI powered 3D sensor. 
  • AjnaLens Training
    • Onboard new employees and develop existing talent by training them on highly realistic holographic equipments, work environments featuring interactive problem-solving challenges. Consisting capability for supervisors to review video recordings of training sessions to monitor progress. 
    • Drastically lowering training cost and time while increasing safe exposure to complex and potentially dangerous equipment and scenarios. 
Every business is unique, with different needs. With Ajna team we help build custom work instructions, training modules and data visualizations for any environment.
By applying our development knowledge and technological expertise together with your individual understanding of everyday challenges, you now have the ability to resolve problems that used to require costly customized solutions, or acceptance of a problem as “unsolvable”.


The name “AJNA” is derived from Indian Vedas. According to Indian tradition, it is the third-eye chakra. The Ajna chakra is your center of intuition, a balanced ajna chakra invites clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanding imagination and visualization. 

Wearing our headset is like activating your Ajna chakra. 

Funded by industry thought leaders and tycoons

Japan Vyas
Japan Vyas
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Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Vijay Shekhar Sharma

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