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Join the Revolution in Medical Education

Once every few decades, an innovative technology reveals a new way of doing things and revolutionizes industries.


X-ray. MRI. CT scan. DNA sequencing. And now, AjnaLens


AjnaLens offers a new way to learn and work with the most sophisticated, complex mechanism in the world: the human body, using holograms. 
From providing medical students with interactive learning experiences, to guiding aspiring surgeons during the most complex mission-critical surgeries.
AjnaLens will forever change the course of this industry.
Only once in a lifetime are you given the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of a world-changing revolution.
And never before has it been so accessible.

98% of medical students have difficulty understanding and visualizing complex medical concepts. To add to it, there is pressure to understand the huge amount of medical topics in relatively short amount of time.

Explore. Dissect. Simulate

Learning complex human anatomy is incredibly difficult without a reference, and not every student can have their own cadaver. Through guided learning, AjnaLens allows you to study a life-size 3D model of the human body and manipulate holographic organs.

You can discover exactly how a system works, from inside-out at your own pace. By transforming abstract concepts into interactive models, you can study smarter, more effectively, and more efficiently, so you can move on to practicing.

Group study will never be same again

Collaborative study with AjnaLens 960

When you bring AjnaLens into the group, listening becomes discovering, interest becomes wonder, and passive learning becomes active exploration. Lessons come to life with touch, motion, and sound. All of which, makes those magical a-ha moments, happen much more often for everyone.

Digital Teleportation

Revolutions don’t happen inside a closed room. They require interconnectedness—the exchange of ideas between numerous thought leaders and innovators.

AjnaLens facilitates those interactions and learning sessions by allowing otherwise inaccessible thinkers to digitally teleport themselves in a space on the other side of the globe. By capturing their movement with smart holographic cameras, AjnaLens can teleport their 3D hologram in real-time. 

Or You can learn with your friends. No matter where your friends or classmates are in the world, learn with them from the comfort of your own home.

Perform Invasive Procedures with More Confidence

Practicing and understanding surgeries used to be limited to watching over another surgeon’s shoulder, and then anxiously trying for yourself.

Now, AjnaLens navigates you through procedures with approved 3D support.

Guides and CT scans are projected onto patients’ bodies, allowing you to “see through” the patients’ skin. You will become more precise than ever before, reducing complications and supporting minimally invasive surgeries.

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