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Graham Bell Innovation Award 

 breakthrough low-cost technology

India’s #1 Disruptive Startup

– India TiECon 2016

#1 Innovation across India  

– Govt India, CII, AICTE & DST

Top 5 Eureka Winner

– IIT Bombay 

Grant Awarded from IIT- B 

– Innovation in technology

Breakthrough AR Company

– Magnetic Zone

Join the Revolution in AR

Once every few decades, an innovative technology reveals a new way of doing things and revolutionizes industries.


Dimension NXG provides customized end to end augmented reality solution to enterprises in automobile, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, architecture, Marketing, etc.

Only once in a lifetime are you given the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of a world-changing revolution.
And never before has it been so accessible.

Holograms that render you speechless.

Collaborative study with AjnaLens 960

Comfortable lens.

The stunning holograms via Ajnalens are truly something to behold. With an edge-to-edge field of view of over 90 degrees, every hologram leaps from reality in rich, vibrant detail.


Realistic shaders

After more than 15 years’ experience in VFX and 8 award-winning Bollywood and Hollywood films, our team developed a technique to create the most realistic shaders for holograms.


Ambient lighting on holograms.

Ajna relighting system for hologram sets a whole new standard. Holograms are not just brighter and less seethrough — with ambient relighting technology, it’s also far more dynamic. So whether you’re exploring through heart system or doing an intense dissection, everything feels utterly real, and immersive.

World Sensing

Our mapping technology includes one of the world’s most advanced 3D capture systems. Digital holograms integrate seamlessly with the environment.

Ajna World Mapping

Natural interaction

Voice V2


AjnaLens is as epic to your ears as it is to your eyes. Its enhanced stereo speakers deliver broad frequency response, rich bass, and more volume. So you’ll be able to hear that heartbeat, bruit or peristaltic sound, all with remarkable fidelity.


AJNA’s robust sensing system picks up the most subtle, simple gestures. You will be able to open apps and interact with holograms by dragging, dropping, and resizing in the real world.


AJNA hands-free, built-in sensors allow you to use your gaze to control the cursor. You can select holograms with a flick of your eyes.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Ajna Transp

AI powered Sidekick

Future breakthrough in any field will come when human brains work together with digital brains. AjnaLens is built using AI as its core. 

Ajnalens let you create, customize and grow your very own AI sidekick, have on you on your future endeavours. Imagine Ironman with JARVIS.You can design how your AI looks the way you want it.

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