Won the Prestigious Graham Bell Innovation Award.

We won the Prestigious Graham Bell Innovation Award for breakthrough low-cost technology.

Starting from setting up one of Europe’s and Asia’s best 3D Scanning system, with 45 DSLR cameras, we have decreased it down to just 3 DSLR cameras, still giving the same quality output, with our technological innovation.The Largest Innovation award Aegis Graham Bell Awards a tribute to the father of the telephony, Sir Alexander Graham Bell.
We are excited and enthralled to announce that we are have recently won the Prestigious International Grahambell Innovation Award for low-cost technology. It has been an honor to work towards making lives easier and more cost friendly for everyone around us. As Alexander Graham Bell himself says “Great Discoveries And Improvements Invariably Involve The Cooperation Of Many Minds. I May Be Given Credit For Having Blazed The Trail, But When I Look At The Subsequent Developments I Feel The Credit Is Due To Others Rather Than To Myself.”

Dimension NXG Ghrambell innovation award

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