6 Reasons Why I Love Dimension NXG

Posted by Sharon Lobo on 14/sept/2016

I am always looking forward, for someone to ask me “what do you do?”, I am always excited to answer it, because it’s not about work. Its about what I do, the impact I am going to do on the future and all the cool people I am doing it with.


Company culture is hard to define in a single word. If I had to pick just one for Dimension’s culture, I’d say: open. We’re open to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. We’re pretty transparent with information sharing and decision making. We’re open to exploring uncharted territories and learning along the way. Best of all, we’re not stuffy. We’re open to having fun. We bring our dogs to work and invite our friends to lunch. We’ve definitely got the work hard, play hard thing down.

2.A new learning each day


Being in a field that is so new to India, for that matter in the world too, the scope of learning is just mind boggling . Virtual reality, Augmented reality etc have so many aspects that have not been explored yet.There is nothing more exciting for me, than knowing that today I will learn something that I didn’t know till yesterday. Today again I will have a chance to push myself and set a new limit. I feel like a Saiyan whose power keeps growing (Because Dragon ball is life, fella)

3. People

. Not everyone who wants to work with us would be a good fit. At NXG, we have a sense of humor (and that’s a must!). We’re creative, brave, and do our best to treat each other respectfully. Many of us put in long hours during crunch times and it’s important to get along with, and actually enjoy the company of, the people in your company. There have been many times, in the midst of some crazy project, when I’ve paused to look around the room and felt truly grateful to have the people around me on my team.

3. A Common Vision

Whether it’s the marketing team or IP team or creative team, everyone has a common vision- to enhance our world in whatever way possible. This may seem a bit ‘too real to be true’ for some, yes! before joining Dimension NXG I also didn’t think it could be true. The only way you could confirm what I am saying is by working with us, if you just get through the “Crazy nerd enough” selection criteria.

4. Freedom of Experimentation (passport to fail)

As I mentioned we are working with a technology so new, that, falling and rising are very much a part of it. Everybody here gets to experiment with the projects they are working on. We take Leonardo Vinci’s saying “There is no higher or lower knowledge, but one only, flowing out of experimentation” ,very seriously.

5. Our Home

As I am writing this article, I am sitting with my legs stretched, watching the surrounding trees get tickled with the raindrops falling over them. There is meditative music playing in the background , filling the silence of our office. What better place to write an article?. Working in a space that is so close to nature and away from the otherwise chaotic streets seem like a blessing. For those who are all for an upbeat life (that’s me post lunch) have another space with buzzing ambience.

6. The Love

To sum it all up, the one thing that helps me ignore the ‘waiting for Friday’ message propagated by mindless forwards and come to office, is the special bond that I share with everyone at work. By everyone, I mean ‘everyone’. Be it a rough day, a bad breakup, a new discovery, a reason to celebrate, we are all in this together. All for one and one for all. I feel so glad to work at Dimension NXG that helps me grow personally and professionally and helps me overcome all challenges.

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