Won the Prestigious Graham Bell Innovation Award.

We won the Prestigious Graham Bell Innovation Award for breakthrough low-cost technology. Starting from setting up one of Europe’s and Asia’s best 3D Scanning system, with 45 DSLR cameras, we have decreased it down to just 3 DSLR cameras, still giving the same quality output, with our technological innovation.The Largest Innovation award Aegis Graham Bell […]

Top 5 winner at Eureka Competition at IIT Bombay out of 7400 asiawide entries.

Organised by IIT Bombay’s Entrepreneurship Cell, the finals were conducted during the two-day “Entrepreneurship Summit”, which began on 31st February, 2015. Eureka had received 7,400 entries. We presented the concept of MiniMe- Capturing people in 3D at 8K resolution just using single digital camera instead of 44+ DSLR camera rig and still giving the same […]

Top 10 Disruptive startup in India by TieCON 2016.

Selected as top 10 disruptive starup in India by TieCon 2016. TiE is a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world who believe in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship and growing business through mentoring, networking, education, incubating and funding. The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 […]